Ceramic gallery


Gold lustre ware VanillaKiln

Inspired by my neighbour's calla lilies, these ceramics feature spiral forms, leaf shapes and pointy petals. Each one is individually hand formed in porcelain and has an application of contemporary satin white glaze. Being a focal point in the room, it will complement a modern-rustic, urban or scandi interior.


Porcelain spiral lily ceramics VanillaKiln

Porcelain spiral lily ceramics VanillaKiln

Porcelain lily ceramics VanillaKiln

Porcelain petal lily incense stick holder VanillaKiln

Porcelain spiral lily ceramics VanillaKiln

Something special for your wall or Christmas tree to commemorate the passing year. These porcelain and gold lustre pieces make unique, treasured gifts.

Porcelain Christmas ceramics VanillaKiln

These contemporary ceramics have linear faces, ear handles and satin pastel glazes. Each one is an individual – choose from Doug mug, Buddy cotton bud holder, Pablo plant pot, Del vase, Kiss spoon and Face coasters.

FACE ceramics pastel colours by VanillaKiln

Face cotton bud holders VanillaKiln

Face porcelain mugs VanillaKiln

Face vase and plant pots VanillaKiln



All these FREEFORM pieces were inspired by the fluidity and manipulation of fabric. With the help of gravity, the wet porcelain was allowed to form itself into natural tucks and folds. Every piece therefore is unique.

RUCHED ceramics are created with impressions of fabric and have button feet for added charm and stability.

I use offcuts of lace, linen and ruched satin from my dressmaking days to make pieces in this collection.


Porcelain freeform ceramics VanillaKiln

Unfolding porcelain vases VanillaKiln

Freeform porcelain ceramics VanillaKiln

Ruched porcelain ceramics VanillaKiln

Porcelain slinen and lace ceramics VanillaKiln

Ruched porcelain ceramics VanillaKiln

Porcelain linen and lace ceramics VanillaKiln

HAND ceramics

Porcelain hand collection VanillaKiln


Life size, small and mini offering hand ceramics. These porcelain bowls are shaped like cupped hands in a giving, holding or receiving gesture. Humanitarians will love the variety of glaze colours. By VanillaKiln.

Mini porcelain hand bowls VanillaKiln

Offering hands porcelain VanillaKiln

PALM dish

Ceramic hand dishes hand formed in white porcelain with lovely glazes. They are a handy life size for storing rings, crystals, coins and jewellery.

Palm porcelain hand bowl VanillaKiln

MUDRA incense burner

These ceramic hand incense holders are designed to catch the falling ash from a burning incense stick. The sticks are held in position by the ceramic thumb and first finger. Available in nine glaze colours.

Mudra porcelain incense holder VanillaKiln

HAND soap dish

These ceramic soap dishes with draining holes have been individually hand built and then fired in my kiln. Each one has unique glaze markings.

Porcelain hand soap dish VanillaKiln


Ceramic soap dishes with and without a drip tray. Living at the seaside and an assymetric aesthetic have inspired this collection of bathroom accessories. Minimal design and maximum practicality.    

Bubble porcelain soap dishes VanillaKiln

Bubble porcelain soap dish and tray sets VanillaKiln


These ceramic soap dishes were inspired by typographic design and soap suds. Available with a choice of four transparent porcelain glazes, they feature a modern typeface and bubble textures.

porcelain TYPO soap dishes VanillaKiln


With a cut out gill draining hole, sleeping eye and folded tail these fish soap dishes are available in many beautiful glazes to match your bathroom decor.

porcelain fish soap dishes VanillaKiln


Porcelain wall hanging VanillaKiln

These hand made ceramic pieces in white porcelain have impressed textures and reactive glazes. The leaf shapes are simple, in contrast to the detailed, intricate forms of the poppy bowls.

Porcelain poppy and leaf ceramics VanillaKiln

Porcelain poppy and leaf ceramics VanillaKiln

These collectable ceramics from Wales include the smallest house in Great Britain, beach huts, Welsh mountain ring cones, pebble dishes and life size cotton reel jars. They will complement a coastal themed decor.

Porcelain keepsakes from Wales VanillaKiln

Welsh cotton reels VanillaKiln